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You have a tricky planning challenge?

No matter how complex your planning puzzle may be. We can help you. We have experience of many years when it comes to solving even the most notorious planning and scheduling challenges.

You need to know what's in your files?

Do you think that you have a treasure of data and would like to know what's in there? We can help you. We have made millions of pages searchable, found patterns, and generated concise analyses and reports.

You need a viable application rapidly?

Your challenge needs a web-based viable solution rapidly? Maybe within days? We can help you. Our Viable Solutions Kit has got what it takes to bring web-based viable products online - rapidly!


Here we have gathered a collection of flagship projects and applications for illustrating what we do.

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About Us

Since our inception, we have been engaged in data-driven innovations as well as algorithm-based solutions and methods. We advocate a continous innovation process along the value chain of data. Our primary field of expertise is the development and implementation of tailor-made optimizers. Internal planning processes can thus be mapped more transparently and efficiently. The specially developed Viable Solutions Kit helps to harness data sources, combine relevant information, exploit these algorithmically, and thus drive innovation.


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Dr. Alexander Souza


Dr. Alexander Souza

Alexander is the founder of algomia. He is specialized on algorithms, data science, and programming in Java. He studied Computer Science and Mathematics at TU Munich and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Later on, he did his PhD at ETH Zurich and was researcher and assistant professor at the University of Freiburg and Humboldt University Berlin. Afterwards, he moved to the economic world, where he built optimizers, decision support systems, and information extraction software. His main projects are in the logistics domain, especially railway optimization, and in the health care sector. He teaches Algorithmics at the University of Zurich.

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We contribute to the academic community, by conference participation and by teaching algorithmic topics on a regular basis at the University of Zurich. Our prior work has led to publications in the computer science, mathematics, and health care domain. We believe that life-long learning is the basis for successful innovation.

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algomia GmbH
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Dr. Alexander Souza

+41 62 544 79 60

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Are you passionate about algorithms? Data science? Programming? Do you want to work on challenging projects in the logistics, health care, or legal domain? Then we would like to hear from you. Please send your CV to Alexander Souza.